Venkatesan Rethinam

.Net Core, API, Azure, Serverless, Product Design & Delivery, Agile, C#, MVC, SQL DB, Cosmos DB, DevOps, Azure Log Analytics and Workspaces (KQL)

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About Me

Web architect cum developer working in the .NET ecosystem with Azure and having completed many successful projects and products mainly Syncfusion Data Platform - Bold BI and Bold Reports.

Skilled in Full stack web development involving ASP.Net Core MVC, Web API, SQL, jQuery, Scss, Webhooks, Azure, DevOps, TDD, and Agile development.

Implemented a robust and flexible permission management system for an enterprise server application which is the base for Syncfusion's Data Platform - and Syncfusion Report Platform -

Professional Experience

WorldAtWork India

Web Architect

Architecting the business website application based on the needs of LMS, Sales, Support, and Marketing Stack: ASP.Net Core, API, MS SQL, Azure App Services, App Insights, Azure DevOps, App Configuration and Key Vault


Technical Lead

Client - CUDirect

Handling a performance monitoring application that extracts Azure App Insights of various loan origination system applications to be monitored. Building the performance rollups to be viewed in an Angular Application. Stack: ASP.Net Core Web API, Angular App, Azure - Cosmos DB, App Insights, Blob Storage, Devops, App Configuration, Key Vault

Syncfusion, Inc.

Product Development Manager

Managing the Server and IDP(IAM) modules for both the Business Intelligence product and the reporting product I am also managing the Widgets(Visualization) module in product. I have to plan the requirements based on the customer's needs and follow Agile to get the features delivered on time. Managing a total of 5 scrum teams with around 35 engineers including 5 scrum masters.

Syncfusion, Inc.

Technical Lead

Handled a consulting project - responsive web application for scheduling doctor appointments. Started many web applications from scratch and delivered with completion. Throughout these 2 years, I had to manage a scrum team of 5 engineers by helping them understand the tasks and get them delivered on time.

Syncfusion, Inc.

Full Stack web Developer

Started my career as a full-stack web developer and worked for the website. Worked in the Downloads, Sales, Support, and the Feature Tour modules. MS SQL Server is the backend and ASP.Net MVC is the frontend including jQuery and SCSS.


Saranathan College of Engineering

Anna University

2007 - 2011

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics

Completed my bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering by performing a performance analysis of the Indirect Vector Control of an Induction Motor using non-linear loads in MATLAB-SIMULINK.


User Experience Monitor (UEM)

Flow perf collector and monitor

An integrated serverless architecture ecosystem that collects perf metrics of various flows from different apps running in the Azure App Services and rolls them up to a hierarchical format which will then be served through Web APIs to an Angular UI app.

Bold ID

IAM Application

Bold ID is an IAM web app that manages the permissions, roles, security principal for the Bold Products - Bold BI, Bold Reports and other bold products.

Bold Reports

Reporting Software

SSRS based RDL reporting solution that provides an end-to-end solution for handling reports with a multi-tenancy enterprise application. It provided both cloud and on-premise offerings with capabilities to embed dashboards from both solutions. (Previously Syncfusion Report Platform).

Bold BI

Business Intelligence Dashboard Application

A multi-tenant enterprise application that gives end-to-end solution for creating, managing and sharing interactive dashboards. It provided both cloud and on-premise offerings with capabilities to embed dashboards from both solutions. (Previously Syncfusion Dashboard Platform)

Syncfusion Website

A complete website application that has the feature tour, downloads, sales and support modules for a product company